Fotograf: Erik Betshammar

I was born in 1965 on the Swedish west coast, in Surte, close to Gothenburg.  At the age of eleven I started lying in my diary and discovered the joy of fictional writing. Since then I have written novels, plays, poetry, short stories as well as literary- and cultural criticism.

My first collection of poems was published in 1985. My first novel Nighwatch reached the bookstores in 1999.  In addition to that I have published three books of poetry, a children’s book, a collection of short stories, two easy-to-read novels and a theatre monologue. I have also written several plays that have been performed in Sweden and abroad  in theaters such as Folkteatern, Backa Teater, The Royal  Dramatic Theatre, Brageteatret and in Paris by La M├ętonymie.

My fictional stories are often set in psychological border regions where the border between innocence and guilt is confusingly thin. Sometimes I think that everything I write is a love story.

As a cultural journalist I am dedicated to understanding connections between art and society, trends and taboos, past and present.