Want to write a bestseller? Get better at expressing yourself  in a clear and confident manner? Then you probably won’t like my writing workshops at all.

At my workshops we rarely pay much attention to verbal packaging. Instead we focus on exploring one of the most interesting, challenging and thrilling questions I know: What is my story? What do I need to say?

I offer three different workshops.

Looking for poetry

” I never write a poem. I am looking for it.” The quote by the finnish poet Pentti Saarikoski becomes the starting point for this  workshop. Here we approach writing not as the art of formulations but as an ongoing search for content, form and language. Starting with  a whim, a fragment of a memory or a personal question I guide participants from the first impulse to the final text.

The incapable writer

Feel your desire to write is stronger than your ability? This workshop wants to challenge the image of the writer as a verbal virtuoso. Could it be your lack of  words, your incomprehensibility and vagueness that holds the important keys to your writing? Using writing exercises and feedback sessions we aim to turn inabilities inside out.

Breaking the silence

They come from without and within. From society, from the spirit of our times and from our personal history. But how do they work, the forces that keep us silent? In this workshop  we aim to challenge the involuntary silences that we are all carriers of  as contemporary beings and in our personal lives. I give the starting blocks, writing task and the questions that will help define silence role in your writing – and as a next step breaking it.

I teach in swedish and/or english.